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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. death and utter devastation. >> 100 footballs shooting across the street. >> a neighborhood in ruins by an explosive so powerful it registered as a small earthquake. >> my shoes are melting, so i threw my shoes off and i'm running up the street the ground is so hot and i'm feeling myself just peeling. >> tonight a family's grief. >> i don't know what i'm going to do without my jessie. >> and fear as cadaver dogs search for the missing. >> emotionally and spiritually is been devastating. >> while many ask what went wrong, pg&e responds to new calls of a gas leak. ea neighborhood. t and good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. ranging inferno wipes out a bay -- a raging inferno wipes out a bay area neighborhood and tonight we are learning about
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the lives lost in that fire and homeowners are finding out whether their houses made it through the disaster. here's what we know right now. four people are confirmed dead. 52 people were injured in the disaster. 37 homes have been completely destroyed and the national transportation safety board is now leading the investigation into what triggered the pipeline explosion that led to such a destructive fire. we have team coverage of tonight's developments in san bruno. we begin with joe vazquez who gives us an up close look at the wreckage. >> reporter: right now we're at sneath and skyline fully a mile from the impact scene, but as you can see, this road is blocked off by chp and, in fact, police officers from different jurisdictions are blocking an entire swath of neighborhoods not even close to the scene telling frustrated neighbors they can't go in because it's a crime scene. there's no tape, but an officer told us there's an imaginary line here we are not allowed to
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cross. earlier today when reporters wanted to get close, they were told you could only do so with a government minder. they call that a pull situation. we hiked about a mile in through rough terrain to bring you these pictures. sconed earth, a close-up look at the -- scorched earth, a close-up look at the center of the san bruno blast shows the consequences of the gas main rupture. the explosion obliterated homes in the middle of the crestmoor canyon neighborhood. the closest homes were leveled. all that's left in some are chimneys. we found large chunks of asphalt that had been thrown a good 100 yards from the scene, leaves on the closest trees singed off and as we walked a little further away, the homes were burned down, but at least there were still shells. all the windows were blown out of this house. take a look at the garage area. it completely collapsed on top of the car which is now almost unrecognizable as a vehicle and
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right over there, the other car, a pickup, the tires melted off. the intense heat melted the headlights of this truck and part of the windshield that was want blown out. you seethes big numb -- not blown out. you see these big numbers painted on the sides of the vehicles. that indicates authorities have searched them for bodies. fire crews are still hard at work on the scene putting out the few remaining hotspots and fixing power poles laid waist by the devastating inferno. inspection crews are going house to house putting up tags indicating the homes are safe. this man was arrested at a checkpoint. police say he was wearing a caltrans outfit that didn't belong to him falsely claiming he lived in the neighborhood and needed to get home. as soon as we got those up close pictures, police told us we couldn't there be and had to wait for that pull situation with the government minder and was he is corporated out.
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you any it's -- escorted out. you think it's frustrating for reporters, we've been seeing homeowner after homeowner, there's a guy who showed up and said can i go in, i just want to check on things and they said no. they're worried about looters and that's understandable, but a lot of folks live nowhere near the impact scene who their argument is if we're in our houses, we'll be able to protect them. right now we don't even know if they're still standing. >> it's an issue of safety and in for a penny, in for a pound and it's a tough job police have to do right now. >> reporter: they're telling residents it could be the middle of the weekend before they get in. it's gabbing to frustrating until they sort that out. >> it's tough. joe vazquez, thank you. three of the four people who lost their lives in this explosion have been identified tonight. they are 44-year-old jacqueline greig and her 13-year-old
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daughter janessa and 21-year- old laura morales. laura cole had a chance to talk to her family tonight. >> heard a knock on the door and the coroner was standing with two police officers and at that moment i just knew it wasn't good. >> reporter: it's a nightmare renee and israel morales will never wake up from. their 20-year-old tower jessica morales died in the san bruno explosion. >> it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: jessica was at her boyfriend's house earl avenue to watch the start of the nfl season. she'd been dating joe four months. renee said joe went went outside when he first heard the explosion. >> we had heard that joe had indicated that he saw jessica perish and ha there was nothing he could do -- that there was nothing he could do to save her. >> i knew that she was going to come back and she didn't and a lot of people don't understand
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that until it happens to them. that when you know your child isn't going to come back, it's an empty, empty feeling. >> reporter: tonight jessica's family is more sad than angry trying to handle their grief the best way they can, by talking about their daughter. >> but i always knew that she would be there for me when i got old and she would be my comfort. now i don't know what i'm going to do without my jessie. >> i pray to god to have her by his side. >> reporter: now at this time of great pain renee remembers the best gift jessica ever gave her, a letter she wrote on mother's day. >> no matter what you will always be everything to me. i love you, mom. >> reporter: as for jessica's boyfriend joe, he is at st. francis hospital with second and third degree burns over 50% of his body. in san bruno laura cole for
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cbs5. crews were out with cadaver dogs searching for more remains today. no more victims turned up, but 1/4 of the houses were just too hot to completely search through. search teams will be back there tomorrow. one man who barely made it out suffering second and third degree burps shared his story with us today -- burns shared his story with us today. >> all of a sudden i'm just walking and my floor completely came, wood floors just went like exploded up, threw me against the wall. after it threw me i got up, went to the backdoor and i looked at the backdoor and i saw my hot tub and everything was on fire. my backyard, flames were shooting across my backyard. i opened the door and the black smoke came in. i went oh, man, i'm in trouble here. i opened the front door, just exploded in my face and i fell back and then this like asphalt from ground was shooting into the house. so i slammed the door shut and
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i couldn't even move. i was just on fire immediately. so i turned the other way and i started to run up the hill. next thing i know, my feel the, my shoes are melting. so i threw -- feet, my shoes are melting, so i threw my shoes off. the ground is so hot and i'm feeling myself just peeling and i saw my neighbor across the street holding his two little babies in his hand and the back of his legs were completely burned up and people were just screaming, man. if i would have waited another two, three minutes, that was it. i wouldn't have got out the door because the flames were surrounding the house all the way around. it was -- i don't know. it was a massive, massive flame and it wouldn't stop. everything's gone. everything we owned is completely gone. there's nothing left. that's irrelevant. people died. people died. he's ing back, beca >> the doctors wanted greg to stay at the hospital, but he
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chose to leave. he plans on going back. he is now complaining he has pain shooting from his head town to his spine. the waiting is over for families left wondering whether they have a house to return to. just a few hours ago we learned 37 homes were completely destroyed. those are the red dots. the yellow dots are houses with major damage and the blue dots were home damaged but not seriously. kiet do is there as neighbors learn the fate of their homes tonight. >> reporter: a lot of tears at the veterans memorial recreation center. this is the place to go if you need a hot meal, fresh clothes or more importantly, information. here at the main red cross shelter in san bruno they came looking for news, good or bad. >> the list that's being distributed to you identifies the total of approximately 38 properties that have been visually evaluated as a total loss.
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>> reporter: the city of san bruno gathered a group of homeowners to hand out all at once a list of addresses of damaged or destroyed properties. >> your house has no evidence of damage. >> okay, cool, thank you. >> reporter: for some it was the first official confirmation that they still had a home to go back to. >> good news so far until we see with our own eyes. >> reporter: you got some good news. >> yeah. very good news. >> reporter: the force of the blast threw julio lagon against the wall. he escaped the flames with second degree burns to his head, hand and back. when he fled his house, it was damaged but still standing. you survived. your home survived. who do you thank? >> god. god helped me. >> reporter: the red cross wants all survivors to check in at the shelter at city parkway. that's where desiree barr found her mother. she had split up just as the
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flames moved in and destroyed their home. did you grow up in that house? >> yes. from 10 years old and my dad died in that house. all our memories are there. i saw our house was all flat and i thought she was perished in the fire. >> thank god we're alive. >> reporter: and so this shelter is empty for the night. all the evacuees have moved out into hotels and motels. there's also a skeleton crew from the red cross that will stay overnight to answer any questions. also a couple housekeeping notes here. red cross says they are no longer taking any more donations at this site. they have been inundated with people bringing blankets and other goods. they say bring it to your nearest salvation army and tomorrow at 2:00 there is a town hall style meeting with the san bruno city council. that is at st. roberts church at 2:00. >> kiet do, thank you. we're finding out it could be more than a year until we find out exactly what happened
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in this neighborhood. the federal government investigators there say it could be 18 months before their final report is completed. one thing that neighbors have been saying from the very beginning. they told us that yesterday, they told it to us outside in the street again today. they smelled gas for days in that neighborhood before the blast. robert lyles shows us some neighbors still smell is tonight. >> reporter: ken, consider. this just over an hour ago i stood outside of a home in the crestmoor section of san bruno and it is literally blocks away from what is now being described as ground zero. i lay out the distance because i want you to know as i stood there i could still smell gas in the air and not only smell it in the air as you're about to see, pg&e crews were beneath that house looking for a gas leak and the folks who called that place home say it has been that way for weeks.
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flashlights and gas texting meters pg&e crews search the 2535 lexington looking for a gas leak. this would be ordinary until you consider 2535 is just three blocks from where more than 30 homes were incinerated by a pg&e ruptured gas main last night. >> it's scary because that could have been around here, you know, or it could have been right in front of my house. >> reporter: but this isn't the first time pg&e has been to the house. >> they've been at this house a total of four or five times. >> reporter: rod conway shares the house with salvador bavoni. both say the smell of gas has been coming from of all places the lawn and driveway. >> they said the leak could be down the street. it could be venting out through the ground up over here. so they're not 100% sure on where the leak is yet. they repaired a little leak to the valve by the washing machine, no other leak found, but then we kept smelling the gas still. >> reporter: in fact, several
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homeowners tell cbs5 they've smelled gas for weeks prior to the explosion and made reports to pg&e. so cbs5 started asking questions about homeowners' complaints of smelling gas and whether crews responded. here's what we got. >> has pg&e begun into type of investigation into those allegations? >> we want to know the answers to those as well and we will cooperate fully with the ntsb as they investigate that aspect of the accident and so we want to know what happened and they will get to the root cause of it. >> reporter: have you started any process of that? >> we had started prior to the ntsb arriving and now that they're here they have assumed responsibility for the investigation from this point forward. >> reporter: because they've stepped in you can't give us information about possible leaks? >> the way it 2, is once the ntsb takes -- it works is once the ntsb takes control of the situation by federal law we are not really allowed to provide any information about the accident. >> reporter: cbs5 dug deeper and found the ntsb released a report in may showing the
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california public utilities commission investigated pg&e and uncovered still representatives were not properly trained in detecting leaks. so what does pg&e have to say? >> i think you'll have to talk to someone with more specific information about that than i have available today. >> reporter: who might that be? >> you'll have to talk to david eisenhauer. >> reporter: we did contact david eisenhauer but he has not returned our calls tonight. the ntsb goes on to say this that they are investigating whether the gas in the line was odorized prior to the explosion. meantime they are saying for anyone who smelled gas over the past few days or past few weeks, they're asking that you immediately contact local authorities, the ntsb want you interviewed to be a part of this investigation. >> robert lyles in san bruno with the very latest. thank you. when our coverage on the san bruno disaster continues. their challenges, and why they
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>> i've been in the service 31 years and never seen anything like this. >> hear from the first responders, their challenges and why they held back from some of those burning homes. and the outpouring of support, the everyday heros who came out when it was needed the most. ♪
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13,
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18 minutes after they arrived, the fire reached six alarms. last night's devastating blast in san bruno put first responders to the test. 18 minutes after they arrived the fire reached six alarms. firefighters from at least 20 departments came to fight. many say they faced the fear fiercest flames they have ever seen -- fiercest flames they have ever seen. >> i've been in the service 31 years, never seen anything like it. we used everything we had. we had foam, water. at one point we just tried to contain the flames, tried to keep it in a plume and that was our objective and obviously it was so powerful it blew right through our streams. >> in fact, at one point flames even severed a water line that firefighters were using to fight the fire which delayed rescue efforts. san bruno's fire chief credits pg&e crews with shutting down the gas lines as quickly as they could. donations have been pouring
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in. blood centers were packed with people today eager to roll up their sleeves. last night an urgent call was put out for 0 negative blood and the response of the tremendous, as you can see. julie watts has more on how you can help in the long road to recovery. would do without the hundreds.. >> we're very thankful. >> reporter: tina villa real doesn't know what she would do without the run hundreds who came out to donate after the san bruno gas line explosion. >> the fire engulfed their home and they had to go out through the window. >> reporter: there's nothing left of her home on glenview, ground zero, the massive explosion, so now she and her family of 11 must start over from scratch and they're doing it with the help of people like colleen williams. >> for me it was the very least that i can do and i just can't imagine that. >> reporter: colleen spent all night and much of the morning sorting clothes and donations at this red cross shelter. eventually he she was joined by
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dozens of others compelled to do something, anything to help bring relief to those in need. >> do what we can for the community. >> reporter: from clothes to toiletries to food and bedding, there's been a steady stream of donations coming from all over the bay area. many who donated volunteered to stay and sort, critical to this operation. >> actually the red cross not really set up to take what we call this kind donations. >> reporter: so without volunteers like colleen they'd have no way to get these supplies to families in need like tina's. >> we just want to say thank you for all your help and your support. >> reporter: the red cross plans to keep this shelter open for at least a couple more days. as you can see, there are plenty of supplies and volunteers to go around. now anything left over after the shelter is closed will be donated to shower and, of course, the red cross -- to charity and, of course, the red cross can always use financial
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donations. >> for details on how to help and information where to find lost pets, you can go to our website you'll also find raw video and pictures from yesterday's explosion. we have some fog moving in along the coastline late in the day and here it comes. what does it mean for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the giants h o move turned out to be a pretty nice day around the bay area, mostly clear skies over the bay now, fog out toward the coastline. big question is will it move in for the weekend? keep everything cool and great. doesn't look like that's going to happen. we'll see lots of sunshine and temperatures heating up, mid- 80s to upper 80s, near 90 degrees, warmer spots inland, 70s and 80s inside the bay and a couple patches of fog towards the coastline, 60 and a couple low 70s. 70 in concord, 67 in livermore, 65 in san jose and high pressure trying to sneak if n for the weekend, just may do it -- in for the weekend, just may do it. things changing in the middle
11:27 pm
of the week. by the end this week we may talk about some rain. tomorrow numbers looking like this early in the morning heading towards afternoon, numbers up in the 60s and 70s coastside, 70s and 80s inside the bay and near 90 degrees inland. next couple days keep those temperatures nice and toasty, warm in the inland valleys and cool you off toward the coastline, maybe rain heading toward the end of next week. that's a look at weather. here's kim coyle with sports. >> thanks. the giants have a chance to move into first place in the west and coco crisp welcomes his former team to oakland. sports is next. ,,,,
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what's that i smell? oh, it's the smell of the padres getting swept. >> playoffs? i smell playoffs. >> let's talk about it. >> after winning last night's series opener in san diego the giants had a chance to pull even with the padres tonight. jonathan sanchez pitched five shutout innings but walked seven. scoreless game in the 70. jose guillen grounds one to short. aubrey huff breaks for third and beats the tag. the next batter juan uribe chops it to third. the padres can't turn the double play and it's 1-0
11:31 pm
giants. check out the slide by nate shierholtz to break up the double play. brian wilson gets the final five outs for his 42nd save. the giants win 1-0 and are now tied for first. big poppy and the red sox didn't find many hits in their bats tonight and when they did hit it well, the a's caught it. coco crisp robs ryan bayless of a leadoff homer. he reaches over the wall and brings it back. the a's rushed up buchholz for five runs. buck holt doesn't make it out of the 2nd inning. the a's beat the sox 5 -0. trevor cahill picks up his 16th win. cal hosts colorado tomorrow in berkeley. the buffaloes are coached by dap hawkins who you may remember best from -- dan hawk in who you may remember best from this rant in 2007.
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>> it's the big-12. it ain't intramurals. you got two weeks after finals. you got a week july 4th and you got a week before camp starts. that's a month. that's probably more vacation than you guys get and we're a little bummed out that we don't get three weeks? go play intramurals, brother. venus won't be playing... she >> serena williams might want to sell her tickets for tomorrow night's women's final. big sister venus won't be playing. she loses in three sets to kim clijsters. last year's u.s. open champ will take on vera zvonareva in the finals. ,, hmm, do i wear hats?
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i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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